Friday, October 16, 2009

Want to Join In Our Support Team?

As missionaries with Youth With A Mission, we are responsible to raise our own financial support. The reason that YWAM operates this way is two-fold. First, we are a non-denominational organization that helps unite the whole body of Christ in the Great Commission to reach the world with the Gospel. In order to stay that way, we don't have major funding from any one denomination. Two, we are training missionaries, and want our cost of training to stay as low as possible. We wouldn't be able to train the 70,000 per year that we do if we had to charge what a normal Bible college or university charges. Our typical cost is only $2,500 per semester. We volunteer our time in order to send as many to the nations as possible.
If you would like to support us, David and Mary Garrigan, you can do so in two different ways. It really helps us to plan our yearly budget to know if you are giving a one time gift, or if you would like to commit to supporting us on a monthly basis. If you could email us or include a note with your check indicating if you are a one time or monthly, that would be great!
You can send checks made out to "Youth With A Mission Montana" and don't write our names directly on the check. You only need to include a note with a check indicating that it is for us. You will receive a tax deductible receipt and report at the end of the year. You can send the check to:
David and Mary Garrigan
YWAM Montana
25 Mission Lane
Lakeside, MT 59922
For those of you who attend SVCC in Birmingham:
You can make the check out to the church and put it directly in the offering plate. Just write on the check "For David and Mary". This is also tax deductible and will appear on your end of the year statement.
We are so grateful for all those who have given to us over the past year and half in missions. You are our co-workers in Christ, and we would not have been able to do what we have done in missions without you.
You are truly affecting people all over the world.